Sunday, January 20, 2019

Concealed Carry Options

Here's a suggestion that may or may not work for those having problems carrying concealed comfortably.

I'm tall and relatively thin (6'1", 175-180). I have several dedicated gun belts that work, but need to be cinched down using a comealong to stay in place (lest the belt and holster and gun drop down to urban carry locales).

The things we do for love...
But a super-tight, inflexible belt is uncomfortable and eventually causes digestion problems. 

I can't even...
Also, the gun's weight often pulled the belt outwards, which required constant belt location readjustments, especially on any walk longer than 22 meters (3,560 feet. Or decameters. Or whatever).

Recently, I tried suspenders. Pants stayed up, belt didn't need to be piano-wire tight. Yay!

But you're not supposed to wear a belt AND suspenders unless you want to be labelled as a -- something uncomely.

So, I added an under-suspender (Hold-ups Under Suspender). I'd suggest a Y back stayle if you carry IWB -- especially behind the point of the hip (4 to 5 O'Clock position).

All the support of suspenders, all the security of a belt, none of the discomfort.

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