Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Carrying Concealed: Some Considerations

I’ve carried for over 20 years (gasp!), but still remember the transition from casual carrier to dedicated carry.
First, you need to get over the discomfort (yes, it’s supposed to be “comforting, not comfortable” but if you’re miserable you won’t carry. So get a firearm and holster that work for YOU. Don’t fall prey to the carry mode du jour).
Second, after confirming the clothing and carry combination do not advertise, stop worrying that “everyone knows I have a gun.” They don’t and won’t IF you worked through the carry mode that works for your body type and clothing.
Third, carrying regularly forces you to consider proficiency. If you don’t go through the day wondering “If x happened, would I be able to make an effective shot?” You’re not serious. Get training, get proficient, and remain proficient. A box once a year shooting bullseye won’t cut it. Move, shoot, move. Draw and fire. Practice emergency actions. Practice strong and support hand. Practice at unknown ranges. Toss out the bullseye targets and hang t-shirts on target placards.
Fourth, realize that the unlikely gunfight will be followed by an inevitable legal fight. Get educated on the law of self defense. Learn the expectations of what is “reasonable” in whatever locale you carry (it varies). Behave in a manner that is not provocative, hostile, prideful, or otherwise stupid. If you go looking for trouble it will find you, and your use of a handgun won’t assure a happy ending (bad guys are armed, too. And even a bad shot hits the target once in a while).
Fifth, subscribe to YouTube videos that review gunfights captured on security cameras. It’s cheap learning and will force you to stop mentally templating gunfights according to movie plots (which are invariably wrong).
Finally, assess yourself before you go out armed. If you’re on meds, angry, upset, inebriated, or otherwise distracted, leave the firearm at home until you can get yourself squared away.
One more finally: drop all “jokes” about “offing people” or double tapping or other nonsense from your vocabulary. If you’re ever pleading self defense in legal proceedings you don’t need an acquaintance testifying under oath about your cavalier attitude about killing. That isn’t considered “reasonable” by The Average Jurist and my tip the scales of justice against you.
Carrying a firearm should make you a more serious, less volatile, more mature, and more careful. If not, leave the gun carrying to others.

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