Thursday, April 16, 2020


Many people are starting to resist the host of ever-increasing tyrannies being imposed by the government. Several states (including Pennsylvania) have protests planned.

The media is casting this as “Protests to re-open the economy" (and by implication choose more sickness and death over making money).
As usual, the news people get it wrong.

This is resistance to government overreach. Return to work is one of several expectations.
We have placed large elements of life on hold. We have enabled tiny tyrants who feel “empowered” to slap, punch, yell at others who deviate from the “guidelines.” We’re hostage to models that have proven wrong in every way (every model has been adjusted continuously. That’s not a “model” — that’s a guess).
Governors have issued decrees on what is “essential” and who is “non-essential.” We’re told where we can go, who we can associate with, what we must do.
We've had enough.

The American people are not insisting that the “economy open.”

The American people are not choosing "the economy" over "lives."

The American people are insisting on a return to rule of law under the Constitution and Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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