Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Sad and Predictable

 "Progressives" and their mouthpieces in education, universities, government, and media have been actively pressing to create a generation of self-loathing, unskilled, poorly nourished, addicted, young men.

They blame them for all society's ills (e.g. "toxic masculinity" and "patriarchy").

They condemn their sexuality ("Men can get pregnant").

They loudly praise deviants, gangsters, criminals, killers, and thugs (See nearly all recent music, movies, and video games).

They imply only celebrities (e.g. "people famous for being well known") are worth noticing.

They depict firearms as all-powerful death machines (see any movie).

They pump them full of a toxic stew of chemicals to make them more like girls in elementary school and less raucous in middle and high school (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6007725/).

Confused, pressured, beat-down, and/or uncaring parents adopt the corporate ethic of dropping children off for others to tend to them. These same parents have been conditioned to abandon them. Parents are told restrictions and guidelines and limits are "repressive." So these boys grow up untethered to any purpose, meaning, or good.

The same people demand we "celebrate" alphabet rainbows and provide special opportunities for girls while they ignore, marginalize, loathe, and reject boys and men. 

Then everyone acts shocked when these warped, marginalized, disconnected, drugged creatures act irrationally.

And when they do, the very enablers and cheerleaders for the destruction of boys and men immediately blame the implements, not the ennui machine they created.

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